Star Wars Has A Day?! Of Course It Does.

Did you know that May 4th is Star Wars Day?! It’s Star Wars Day because May the 4th sounds like “may the force” and then people add the “be with you” part. It’s quite a stretch from “4th” to “force” and it’s so very stupid! And this is coming from a huge Star Wars fan!

I still remember the first time I heard it, just a few years ago — my friend messaged me on Whatsapp and said, “May the 4th be with you” and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. I was like…is this a thing now? Am I supposed to think that’s cool cause I like Star Wars?!

I’m a huge Star Wars fan. Hell, I’m a proud Star Wars nerd, but come on, that is not even clever! But over the years, it’s been embraced by fans and it’s grown into this day where people can show or talk about Star Wars without shame. Stupid name aside, the event has reached far and wide — it’s even invaded Canadian politics; See Canadian PM Justin Trudeau for example:

For some context, Trudeau isn’t just wearing R2-D2 and C-3PO socks lounging around his house, he’s meeting the Irish Prime Minister, Taoiseach Enda Kenny!

What about the scary-looking (but awesome) Danny Trejo?

So yes, while I hate(d) the name and “reason” for Star Wars Day, I appreciate how it’s given people a reason to wear wacky Star Wars socks and display their passion for Star Wars, but most of all, it shows the cultural impact that Star Wars has had, and will continue to have. The fact that Disney is pumping out a Star Wars movie every year doesn’t hurt either — I just hope they’ll all be as good as Rogue One.

Of course, much like the force, people will try to abuse it in the form of corporate advertisement. I watched a car ad on Instagram earlier today, not because I was into the car (nor can I afford one), but I wanted to see how they’d incorporate Star Wars while still advertising the product. Of course, the cynic in me knows I’ve just been duped into watching an ad all because of branding, but at least I had the option of skipping/scrolling past it — so it’s a choice! The advertisers didn’t win, OK?

The grey area in all this? People who try to embrace it, but also come off slightly insincere: “Please like my Star Wars shirt selfie! Don’t make me use my force on you!” I realize I’m stepping into pedantic nerd territory, and while I hate any time of fandom that starts frothing at the mouth to defend their holy grail, it’s always the force as it doesn’t belong to anyone. I’ll just let someone much better looking than me explain it (though I’d like to argue in my favour since he is getting older and I’m…oh shit, I’m getting older too.):

I’m gonna sign off with a random anecdote: I once volunteered for a non-profit and worked with this girl, and one day she wore a Star Wars shirt. I asked her, are you a Star Wars fan? And she said, nope, but I’m a Harrison Ford fan. He’s hot now too, but when he was younger?!


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