About Me

Hey there,

My name’s Jack and I spend way too much time watching/playing soccer and video games. Chances are, I’ll probably write about one or the other. I started this blog so it’d force me to write more, and maybe learn some coding while I’m at it. What’s there to lose?

I don’t take too many pictures unless I’m travelling, but maybe I’ll become one of those people who stops everyone else from eating for that Instagram photo. Just kidding, I’m usually too hungry for that, and my sister already does that, and I would hate to overshadow her with my ungodly talent. You gotta know when to be modest =D. Have you noticed how a lot of chicks take food pics but guys rarely do? Why is that?

Which reminds me, I should probably go on a diet. Yea, that’s what I’ll do. Start an Instagram for all the food that goes unloved and unappreciated! Dear diary, it’s a quarter past minute 33 of my diet and I can’t take it anymore…please send help in the form of pizza.


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