Theo Walcott Proving Doubters Wrong

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What a performance from Walcott yesterday against Basel. I’ve constantly criticized Walcott, but he was on fire yesterday. In my last blog about Arsenal, I talked about how Campbell is constantly ignored and loaned out by Arsene Wenger while he keeps faith in Walcott, even after 10 years of inconsistency. I still stand by my criticism of him last year because he has been incredibly inconsistent and lacking in work rate. He never tackled, he never participated in build up play, and he couldn’t cross/shoot with any consistency.

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Arsenal Loans out Joel Campbell, but Why?

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Walcott and Campbell

I’m a big Wenger supporter, but I’m seriously starting to question his decision making. If you look at any of my posts about Arsenal last season, you’ll see that Joel Campbell was consistently playing well. For some reason, Wenger persists with Walcott even when Campbell is clearly the better player with more potential. None of that matters anymore, since Campbell has been loaned to Sporting Lisbon.

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Euro 2016 Champions: Portugal

Brand new format, brand new winner.

In a dull, boring affair, Portugal upset the pre-tournament favourite France. Full disclosure: I was cheering for France. If you’ve read my previous Euro 2016 posts, you know what I think of Portugal, a team who made it through as third place in the group stage — a team that relied on ties and penalties to get through games. Portuguese fans would say that they won when they had to, but it just shows how flawed this new format is. A better format would be another group with the top two making it through instead of some third-placed teams and not others.


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Euro 2016 Semi-Final Results

The stage is set for the final: Portugal v France

Semi-final results:

Portugal  2 – 0 Wales

A serious bore-fest. It seemed like both teams wanted to play for a tie, but with a weakened Wales (without Aaron Ramsey), Portugal eventually broke the deadlock and scored two goals. Portugal finally records their first win within 90 minutes in the semi-final of the tournament. Bale seemed like a younger Cristiano Ronaldo with his blistering pace, but Ronaldo’s jumping technique still has no equal.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s headed goal. The man can jump!

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Euro 2016 Quarter-Final Results and Semi-Finalists

Quarter Final Results

Poland 1 – Portugal 1 (P)

Portugal has tied every game in this tournament and won both games since the last 16/knock-out stage with penalties. I’m just going to say it: I hope Portugal doesn’t win the tournament. Apologies to Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo fans, but they’ve only made it this far due to the new (and horrible) new format, and they haven’t won one game this tournament without penalties. They’re not exactly converting neutrals or excited fans like Iceland has. It’ll be interesting to see Cristiano vs Bale, two Real Madrid teammates.

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Euro 2016 Last 16 Upsets and Quarter Finalists

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The England squad after losing to Iceland. Also, gamblers around the world.

What a day of upsets in the Euro 2016. Italy upset Spain, and Iceland beat the ever-disappointing England. Gamblers around the world are crying while the bookies count their money. Spain, who enjoyed a period of domination winning the 2008 Euro, the 2010 World Cup, and 2012 Euro looked lifeless, without any sort of drive or hunger — are they burned out or just showing their age?

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Copa America Centenario Final and Corruption

Copa America Centenario

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Justice: Chile, champions of the Copa America Centenario

If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been covering Copa America as much as the Euro 2016, it’s because this Copa America Centenario isn’t a “normal” Copa America. Notice the Centenario? It means 100, and it’s to represent the 100th year of the Copa America competition. Except, in recent years, Copa America is held every 4 years, and Chile just won against Argentina last year. Chile is the Copa America champion, and will represent the South American region (CONMEBOL) in the Confederations Cup before every World Cup.

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