What Makes Something Worth Doing?

My knee fresh out of surgery. Very swollen and red. Tape and dried blood over the entry wounds.

Injuries happen. It’s a risk you take when you participate in any sport. It’s a risk you take when you get out of bed and walk down the stairs or walk down the street. Injuries are just a part of life, and while you should try to minimize the risk, the risk is ever present. Would you stop stretching if one day, you stretched and pulled a muscle? If you sprain your ankle going to work, or buying groceries, do you stop going? That’s how I see injuries in soccer — they happen. I’ll try to avoid it next time, but if I stop doing something because I’m scared of getting hurt, then there’s literally nothing else for me to do. I might as well wrap myself in saran wrap and live in a very well protected bubble!

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Tearing My ACL…Like a Boss


ACL cropped
Paramedic standing over me while I cried like a bitch. Just kidding, they were the manliest of tears. Photo credit: asshole teammate of mine. Not sure who. Can’t even see my face in this picture. I should probably be grateful?

So I was playing soccer almost two months ago when I went in for a tackle and ended up in a heap on the floor. I over-extended my leg, hoping to get the ball, but what I got was a 20? minute wait for the ambulance to arrive. I remember one asshole on the other team asked whether I could be moved so the game could continue. This wasn’t a fake “soccer injury”/dive, but I wasn’t in any shape to argue with him. Still, what an asshole. The paramedics eventually came and carried me off on a stretcher, but I still like to think that I left like a boss. I mean, how else could I leave?

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Arsenal Lack Firepower (and a Rant about Walcott)

It’s February 3rd, 2016, and it’s been a day since I watched Arsenal put in a lackluster display that leaves them in 4th place. Yep, Arsenal and 4th place are destined for each other, but this was the year they were supposed to win the league and shut the haters up. A man can dream, but yesterday, Arsenal shot themselves in the foot, managing only to tie Southampton ending in 0-0. Not only did they drop 2 points, but Leicester City, Manchester City, and Tottenham won and leapfrogged above Arsenal.

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