Theo Walcott Proving Doubters Wrong

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What a performance from Walcott yesterday against Basel. I’ve constantly criticized Walcott, but he was on fire yesterday. In my last blog about Arsenal, I talked about how Campbell is constantly ignored and loaned out by Arsene Wenger while he keeps faith in Walcott, even after 10 years of inconsistency. I still stand by my criticism of him last year because he has been incredibly inconsistent and lacking in work rate. He never tackled, he never participated in build up play, and he couldn’t cross/shoot with any consistency.

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Arsenal Lack Firepower (and a Rant about Walcott)

It’s February 3rd, 2016, and it’s been a day since I watched Arsenal put in a lackluster display that leaves them in 4th place. Yep, Arsenal and 4th place are destined for each other, but this was the year they were supposed to win the league and shut the haters up. A man can dream, but yesterday, Arsenal shot themselves in the foot, managing only to tie Southampton ending in 0-0. Not only did they drop 2 points, but Leicester City, Manchester City, and Tottenham won and leapfrogged above Arsenal.

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