Star Wars Has A Day?! Of Course It Does.

Did you know that May 4th is Star Wars Day?! It’s Star Wars Day because May the 4th sounds like “may the force” and then people add the “be with you” part. It’s quite a stretch from “4th” to “force” and it’s so very stupid! And this is coming from a huge Star Wars fan!

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A Lesson in Frustration: My Mom and Technology

Parents: sometimes they’re great, and sometimes they crush your very soul and any faith you had in humanity. It can be frustrating, especially when technology is involved. For example, my mom is technologically illiterate (to put it mildly). My brother and I tell her to ask us before buying a phone. She agrees every time, but when friend X and Y recommends her a phone, she seemingly can’t help herself. And yet, when she has problems, are her friends there to help her? No. It falls on me to fix whatever problems she has, but does she ever listen to anything I say? No.



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Introducing the Google Pixel, Good but Not Great

October 4th, 2016 — Google just announced a slew of new products, and the one that will get the most attention is their brand new Pixel phone. The Verge has a 10-minute summary so you don’t have to watch the hour and a half event for all the other products. The Pixel phone comes in two sizes, 5″ (Pixel) and 5.5″ (Pixel XL), and there’s a lot of hype around this phone because it is a departure from their recent Nexus line. With the Nexus line, Google approached different Android manufacturers to make their phone, so for example, Nexus 4 and 5 were made by LG, Nexus 6 was made by Motorola, and the 5x and 6p was made by LG and Huawei, respectively.

This year, the Nexus partnership idea is gone. The rebrand of Pixel is advertised with #madebygoogle, there’s no longer any branding from the manufacturer and instead, we have a Google logo at the back of the phone. This phone is actually made by HTC, but it seems like Google has had much more say in how the Phone is like, presumably. So this phone isn’t quite made by Google, but it’s designed by them.

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Theo Walcott Proving Doubters Wrong

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What a performance from Walcott yesterday against Basel. I’ve constantly criticized Walcott, but he was on fire yesterday. In my last blog about Arsenal, I talked about how Campbell is constantly ignored and loaned out by Arsene Wenger while he keeps faith in Walcott, even after 10 years of inconsistency. I still stand by my criticism of him last year because he has been incredibly inconsistent and lacking in work rate. He never tackled, he never participated in build up play, and he couldn’t cross/shoot with any consistency.

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Newly Announced iPhone 7 Disappoints


Two brand new, shiny gadgets were announced today: the iPhone 7 and PS4 Pro. Let’s focus on the iPhone first: The main thing that Apple is emphasizing about the iPhone 7 is that it comes in black now. On their official page, you’ll find a black background with a light hitting the new black iPhone just so to reveal its contour and shape.

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Arsenal Loans out Joel Campbell, but Why?

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Walcott and Campbell

I’m a big Wenger supporter, but I’m seriously starting to question his decision making. If you look at any of my posts about Arsenal last season, you’ll see that Joel Campbell was consistently playing well. For some reason, Wenger persists with Walcott even when Campbell is clearly the better player with more potential. None of that matters anymore, since Campbell has been loaned to Sporting Lisbon.

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Pokemon Go Review

Pokemon Go Trailer

The Effect of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a social phenomenon, but it could be so much better! While addictive, there are so many problems that prevent it from becoming the new standard in mobile gaming. It’s impossible for you not to have noticed the effect of Pokemon Go, even if you know nothing about it: parks being suddenly populated by tens, if not hundreds of people; people staring at their phones, walking back and forth and swiping up every so often (is it the swipe that separates Pokemon Go players from other phone zombies, or the walking back and forth?); bodies being found in the middle of nowhere; and people driving into trees. The effect that this one game has is staggering — it’s literally affecting people’s safety!

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